Sunday, September 20, 2009

Genie Test Number 2

Wow two tests in two days, very fun but very time consuming,
I also thought I would show how I progressed through the shot.

And yup, it's the genie again, I really just love the character and the design, Eric Goldberg did a fantastic job as well as all the other animators including my cousin Joe.
Below is my first pass, after thumbnailing out my action I sketch out loosely the main poses. Then I shoot them and roughly time them.

Below Is my second pass, I added breakdowns (positions between two main poses) and secondary breakdowns to determine how the shot will look, then I shoot them again and fine tune the timing.

And Finally my final. Once I have my timing I add in all the nescessary inbetweens to slow down or smooth out actions.

Overall I'm very happy with the result, and he is much more on model on this test.



Houida said...

Omar, the hard work paid off. Great job! The more you practice, the better you will get at it! I'm very impressed!! GREAT job!

Clay Kaytis said...

Nice job Omar. You're doing good things with arcs, and breakdowns (letting the arms come up after the head and body are there). Just a couple pointers to keep in mind next time...
First is staging. You should know going in that you have three basic poses - the start, the anticipation (up), and the point. I would say take advantage of the stage (the page) so that the hands don't fall off the page in the up pose. That's what careful planning will get you. You could also take advantage of space by really pushing him forward on the last pose.
Second...poses. Something that happens to everyone is their drawings change size over the course of a shot. The Genie seems bigger at the start, so something you can do is once you have your three basic poses, flip and overlay them to make sure the volumes are consistent. Another note on the last pose: it would be stronger if you got more of a straight in the arms. Since they are a little wobbly, they don't have that sense of a driving power, directing the eye to the blast.
Keep it up!

Omar said...

Thanks ALOT for the tips clay!
I'll definately be sure to work on those things.

Jeff Cook said...

Very good work Omar, I really like the settles into the poses and zippy animation. You can feel the energy in it.
Thanks for posting the 3 different linetests, It's really cool to see the animation progress.

Also thanks for your notes Clay, Your notes on staging are very helpful and ... your notes on volume is something a lot of us pretend we don't have issues with anymore. :P

Omar said...

thanks for takin the time to comment!
and thanks for the kind words