Monday, June 25, 2012

My Temporarily Final iAnimate Shot

Rendering across multiple shots is a bitch. I found that the best option is to light each shot individually as opposed to trying to light the world of your shot. Even then it creates continuity problems. So I decided to post the shot in it's playblasted form as I chug through the rendering process.

FINAL WS6 from omar elhindi on Vimeo.

There she is.

I'm proud of it as it's by far my longest animation, and I think I gave it some semblance of quality as well.
My main concern in this sequence, as well as all of my shots is that I feel they lack life. To me, my work moves. While I want it to live. 

The difference to me is all in the performance choices and acting. You need to have your character move for a reason, not just because it will look cool. Here are just a few examples of student work and otherwise that inspire me to create real performances, to create life.

Tony Chau Nov 2011 Demo Reel from Tony Chau on Vimeo.

Animation from Viki L. Amores on Vimeo.

Progression of an Animated Shot: Gothel & Rapunzel Disney's Tangled from Jamaal Bradley on Vimeo.