Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Love My New Tablet

My aunt bought be this awesome "Bamboo Tablet" from Wacom and as I said it's awesome.. Heres something I whipped up in Digicel Flipbook Lite in about 15 minutes (Need to buy it to get rid of that stupid watermark)

Wow I diddnt even notice this, although I said I would pay attention to it!
Clay Kaytis (Disney Animator of 15 years and Supervising Animator of Rhino the Hamster from Bolt) left a comment on my test of the Genie, and one of his main points was Volume control. The guy is smaller at the top of his jump and larger at the bottom... ugh, i gotta think more.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Genie Test Number 2

Wow two tests in two days, very fun but very time consuming,
I also thought I would show how I progressed through the shot.

And yup, it's the genie again, I really just love the character and the design, Eric Goldberg did a fantastic job as well as all the other animators including my cousin Joe.
Below is my first pass, after thumbnailing out my action I sketch out loosely the main poses. Then I shoot them and roughly time them.

Below Is my second pass, I added breakdowns (positions between two main poses) and secondary breakdowns to determine how the shot will look, then I shoot them again and fine tune the timing.

And Finally my final. Once I have my timing I add in all the nescessary inbetweens to slow down or smooth out actions.

Overall I'm very happy with the result, and he is much more on model on this test.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick Genie Test

Here's my first test using the genie, I've been trying to nail down the construction of him so I could do some work with him. He's very much off model and for my next test I think I'll have it right. Only a few things bother me, one is the head's bobbing, 2nd is how only the head goes up on the passing pos and not the whole body, and lastly the arm darts back a tad too fast.

I also thought I would show what the difference between 1's and 2's are.

Above is on 1's -> 24 frames per second

Above is the same as the last one but with every other drawing removed (17-8) and going at 12 frames a second

Above is the exact same as the first one, but is run at 12 frames per second with no frames removed.
My favorite is probably the last one, it's very leisurely and doesn't draw to much attention to any errors.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

11 Second Club August

Well this month's entry was a humbler, ha ha,after my last post I went and spent a lot of time working on my 11 Second Club piece, although seeing them side by side makes me realize I should have spent far more time. Anyway I was actually feeling very confident.. a bit too confident, I didd'nt really take any steps to look at it objectively, ie: Watching it in a mirror. Well I learned from my mistakes and thats what matters.

Here it is for you to judge,

This Month: 83/188, beat about 60% of competition.
Last Month: 112/ 163, got beat by more than 70% of competition

I'd say that's a good improvement.

On the up side I learned a lot and I think I really improved from my April piece.
I think I'm gonna come back to this soon, theirs a lot that needs to be fixed, especially the settles.. It seems that too many moves just come to a stop unnaturally.

And on a side note, a whopping 25 people (Sarcasm) voted on my poll and it seems that people still like Lion King, and second to that, my personal favorite Tarzan.