Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick Genie Test

Here's my first test using the genie, I've been trying to nail down the construction of him so I could do some work with him. He's very much off model and for my next test I think I'll have it right. Only a few things bother me, one is the head's bobbing, 2nd is how only the head goes up on the passing pos and not the whole body, and lastly the arm darts back a tad too fast.

I also thought I would show what the difference between 1's and 2's are.

Above is on 1's -> 24 frames per second

Above is the same as the last one but with every other drawing removed (17-8) and going at 12 frames a second

Above is the exact same as the first one, but is run at 12 frames per second with no frames removed.
My favorite is probably the last one, it's very leisurely and doesn't draw to much attention to any errors.

1 comment:

Jeff Cook said...

Hi Omar, Nice cycle.
I also like the leisurely pace of the last one. It looks great apart from the arm darting back (like you said), This happens when I animate walk cycles too. I haven't animated one in a few years though.