Sunday, April 7, 2013

Character Package

So here is my final character design project of the year. I made an attempt to finish strong on this one, but in light of all the other assignments I have - as well as some other cool animationy' things that, depending on future events, may or may not be elaborated on - I just found myself 'settling' more than I would have liked.

"No one remembers how fast it was done, only how well it was done." - Matt Williames

I'm disappointed that I couldn't live up to that mantra, but sadly, I'm human. But how cool would it be if I was like a robot human hybrid instead... Yeah, that would be cool.

That being said - the bit about art, not about robots - I am still fairly pleased with how it turned out, and I definitely feel I've improved in my sense of design, and ability to execute it.