Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Third Year Film

Overcast [Sheridan Third Year Film 2015] from Carly Dziob on Vimeo.


Here's my third year group film!

It was super fun, and we were one of the few groups who essentially went through the whole year without any inter-personal issues.

For those interested in what I animated, the most notable shots would be the opening shot of the rabbit, the two kids looking at the clouds as the camera rotates, the squid exploding the train, the robot deflecting lighting, and the main clouds blowing away all the dark clouds (lets try to not get into the intricacies and politics of the cloud world and why certain clouds are sentient and others aren't). I wish I was able to animate more, but I was also the head of animation for the project, and so my time was largely spent assisting others.

I was mostly found animating on this film, but my biggest responsibility outside of that was cloud character design. Below you'll find some of the vis dev and character design I was responsible for.