Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kyle Balda Walk Demo

A lot of people (at least in the animation community, I can't imagine CNN putting this up) have been posting this walk demo from Kyle Balda. Kyle was an animator at Pixar for quite a while. I'm not entirely sure what he's doing now though. My knowledge base is from IMDB by the way, haha.

Anyway he does a great job in explaining why he does what he does, and at opening my eyes to a workflow thats quite common. The layering method. I mean I've heard of it before of course, yet I've never tried it. I like the comfort and safety of blocking in stepped mode.
To me, using splines immediately seems so risky and unpredictable, as opposed to the rock solid blue print you get with stepped keys.

Really I'm just ranting for the sake of actually having posts on my blog. Fear not! Soon I'll actually have some animation up.

And on another note, I just finished workshop 4 at iAnimate! I had the fantastic David Hubert as my instructor, and he taught me so much. The workshop is focused on full body acting with dialogue. It was really tough, haha. My first shot I think turned out quite well - I'll post it soon. The second shot - not so much. I have so much work to do on it.
Basically I've been trying to get way too many conflicting ideas into one shot, and then the added physicality of animating a drunk just made it a nightmare. Hopefully I'll get it right and show my devote followers!