Saturday, July 20, 2013

Demo reel tips from Sony!

Hey check it out, Sony featured my work (as well as some incredibly other talented individuals) in this video on demo reels!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Just a wee little update

So it's been nearly two months since my last post, and I thought I may as well write... something.

As a start to my meanderings, here are some quick and shitty sketches I did while at work that I had time to scan in.

So I suppose I should discuss my experience thus far, given that this blog IS dedicated to my silly thoughts, silly drawings and silly animations. In this case, my silly thoughts.

FIRSTLY, something I've always wanted to say: The thoughts and opinions written on this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent that of my employer or it's affiliates. 

Okay, thoughts and opinions.

My first day at work was June 17th. Lotta paperwork as you might expect. Soon after though, we were given the floor to animate.

The feeling was indescribable. Maybe I'm just a romantic when it comes to art, but all I know is that I was pretty overwhelmed. This was what I had been actively working towards for half a decade - which may not seem like a lot, but hell that's a quarter of my life! All of a sudden I'm surrounded by artists animating Flint and freakin' Spiderman to be seen by millions. Now this may sound silly to the individual with a boring enough life to read this, but it meant quite a bit to me. It still does.

That whole, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" has been completely confirmed in my mind. Now this all may come off as pointless gushing, and it is. But beyond that, I think it's important to recognize that as artists we may go through ups and downs; creative hurdles and quite often horrible job security. But in the end, you get to create art for a living. I've had a taste of it now and I don't think that hunger will ever be fully quenched.

Anyhow, I'm unable to discuss in detail the nature of the internship at the moment, however I can confidently say that Sony is one hell of a creative giant. I'm incredibly excited to see what they create, and in the future, hopefully be a part of it.