Saturday, September 5, 2009

11 Second Club August

Well this month's entry was a humbler, ha ha,after my last post I went and spent a lot of time working on my 11 Second Club piece, although seeing them side by side makes me realize I should have spent far more time. Anyway I was actually feeling very confident.. a bit too confident, I didd'nt really take any steps to look at it objectively, ie: Watching it in a mirror. Well I learned from my mistakes and thats what matters.

Here it is for you to judge,

This Month: 83/188, beat about 60% of competition.
Last Month: 112/ 163, got beat by more than 70% of competition

I'd say that's a good improvement.

On the up side I learned a lot and I think I really improved from my April piece.
I think I'm gonna come back to this soon, theirs a lot that needs to be fixed, especially the settles.. It seems that too many moves just come to a stop unnaturally.

And on a side note, a whopping 25 people (Sarcasm) voted on my poll and it seems that people still like Lion King, and second to that, my personal favorite Tarzan.


Justin Toth said...

Very nice Omar. Your animation is starting to look more professional in my humble opinion. As far as I'm concerned (and it's honestly not too far when it comes to animating) you're on the right path and just need to keep working. Your writing on the other's atrocious. Sorry to be blunt but it is what it is. Work more on your blog writing and it'll be a lot more palatable to your readers, and ultimately you when you want to look back at how far you've come in animation through this blog as a personal journal.

Omar said...

Thanks for the compliment, is my writing that bad? I just kind of focus on getting the point out as soon as possible, I don't usually focus on my writing.
But I will try to clean up my paragraphs.
(Ugh, now I have to be writing conscious!)