Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Character Posing

So this right here is my final copy of my Character Design assignment. The task was to design a character, and then draw him/her/it in eight different poses that illustrate his/her/it's character.

I'm pretty pleased, I think I'm definitely improving at least, which is something to be proud of in itself. The drawings on the top left of the page leave me rather disappointed, I'd like to think I could do better.
With that said, I'm fairly pleased with several of the other poses, in particular the one on the top right, bottom right, center, and center left. So it seems I'm 50% happy with this assignment.

Cool beans.

I'm still struggling with balancing appeal and structure, which is constantly in my head. I'm also having a lot of trouble with pushing facial expressions to extremes, I find it causes a breaking in structure as well as appeal. I.e. having someone letting out a scream of pure terror. Something like that is a very intense challenge for me.

Even more beans of the cool variety.

I shall update again with interesting things soon, dear reader.
Until we meet again.



Amanda said...

Really nice job, Omar! This guy is a lot of fun :D

Omar said...

Thanks so much! Yeah he was really fun to draw, although he definitely gave me some horribly frustrating trouble in some of these poses..

Katharina Brzezinska said...

Sweet character design! He's got a lot of personality.:)I'm really enjoying the rest of your blog as well; you have a lot of talent.:D

Omar said...

Thank you very much!