Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Expression Model Sheet

Here is the latest assignment in my character design course here at Sheridan. I'm actually having so much more fun in this class than I am in animation class, interestingly enough.

Anyway the assignment was to create a model sheet exploring the expressions of your character, based on their personality.

My character is meant to be an over the top, spoiled, fun loving pretty girl.

This is also my first time really diving deep in exploring how to draw an appealing female character. It's a very difficult, yet rewarding process.


Kara said...

Damn!!! That's really nice. Don't see cheekbones like that on most Disney style characters. You definitely are going to go far with this work.

The only thing I could point out is you really don't need that line on the nose. The few drawings that have it make her look like she's got a snout or animal nose a wee bit. The shape of the nose and placement of the nostrils do the job beautifully on their own.

Omar said...

Thank you! :)

And I hadn't thought about that. Really great note to be honest, I'll see if I can go in and get rid of it!

Niki Serenko said...

Usually the noticeable cheekbones can't be pulled off with attractive characters, but you changed that here. Really nice work Omar (:

Omar said...

Thanks, Niki!

heartbreaksfree said...

This is the sheet that brought me to your blog. It is very inspiring and a great help.
And I really like that bit of red pencil in her face.