Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More 2D Prep Work For Sheridan

Ralph Test from omar elhindi on Vimeo.

Here's another test pretty much devoid of character. It was done more to test out a design and my mechanics.

CG animation happens to have the advantage of a consistent character to work with. Of course you have to still make efforts to keep the character on model, but your model is still always within the lines of your original design. With 2D work, you need to be able to draw your character from all angles, understand the design and keep it appealing.

Considering my poor draftsmanship, I took an existing character (Wreck it Ralph) and attempted to draw him instead of trying to design an appealing character myself, and learning to draw him from every angle.

I think one more mechanic test and I'll be ready to give a 2D test with acting a try.


tonychauzer said...

Hey Omar!

It's been awhile haha, but dang Sheridan? That's really awesome to hear. I think the email from Bobby said it all. On our own (in a manner of speaking) we can become animators, but if you put yourself in a place that fosters a whirlwind of creativity, like Sheridan, we can become artists. I'm slowly realizing that animators produce good work, and artists produce inspiring moments. I see so much in your future man (and hell, you're already doing so much now). Wish you all the best and hope to keep up to date with your work.

Omar said...

Thanks a bunch! :) And yeah I'm super excited to start at Sheridan. I want to soak up whatever I can and learn to be a better artist and animator.

Houida said...

Fabulous work Omar as always!! You will go very far in this industry!! Your passion shows in the work you create! You never cease to amaze me!! Great job!!