Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hand Drawn Warm Up

Here's a crappy piece of hand drawn animation that I did to get myself back into the 2D game again. No character, and a bunch of it is on 4's, some even 6's.
Hopefully soon I'll give a whirl at a 2D test with character.

Quick and Dirty Sidestepping from omar elhindi on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Hey man!

Your animations are great and you're obviously very talented. What I can't stand though is you telling (bragging) EVERYONE that you are soooo young. I'm also 19. I'm pretty good at animation, not as good as you, but still, I try not to shove it in other animators faces that I'm young.

It's not a race, try to enjoy everything else around you besides animation. And please, stop telling everyone how old you are.

Omar said...

I'm sorry you're bothered by that. I can see how it may come off as shameless bragging, and it's clearly far more humble to omit that piece of information.

However, I'm very proud of my work and the age I've achieved it at. I'm not stupid, I recognize that the level I'm at is good for my age, and I've worked very hard to achieve that. I also recognize that there are several other young talents far better than me. I know this because their age is revealed, I'm sure do to their own pride at their achievements.

Regardless, thank you for the lesson in humility, it's certainly been noted.

Anonymous said...

Hello again,

Maybe I came off a bit strong. All I'm saying is that your work speaks for it self. Your animations are good regardless of what age you are.

Enough of my bitching! Have fun at Sheridan, I'm sure it will be awesome!