Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Awesome News

So thanks to my awesome parents, I'll be starting at ianimate in September.

For those who care enough to think, "but wait, you're still in highschool in Sepember" I thank you. Even though I'll be in highschool I've decided that I can handle the workload.
The tough part will be when this program carries into my first year at Sheridan. But hopefully it'll all work out.

The school is run by Jason Ryan, a long time animator currently working on Dreamworks 'Megamind' as a supervising animator.

“I’ve been an animator at Disney and DreamWorks for over 15 years and the Instructors that I have hand picked for you are the best in the industry. Animation is a major passion of mine, there is no better feeling than seeing our characters come to life on the big screen and audiences of all ages being entertained by your hard work. While doing my Tutorials and JRAWebinars, I’ve met many students that have been studying animation in Colleges and Universities around the world and paying through the nose. The worse part is that the teachers don’t have a clue about feature quality animation. I want to help students everywhere learn the techniques that have made us the Animators that we are today."

I'm beyond excited to begin the course, I have no doubt I'll improve drastically.


Black Mamba said...

Congrats! add a follower gadget so i can follow you.

Omar said...

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