Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cop Walk Final

Here's the completed version of the walk I posted last.

Nothing spectacular, just something to keep me busy.

Edit* My 40th piece of animation is done before I'm even a legal adult!!!


Rami Daoud said...

Hey Omar...Nicely done...i like the character and your drawings of course on this blog...but i have some comments if you don't mind..:).

1-he needs a little bit more ups and downs
2-a little bit more jiggle in the belly
3-his left arm must swing a little's stiff and there is something wrong with it...
4-Overall he needs more weight..
otherwise you did a great job..keep it up and see you at ianimate..:)

Rami D. (Ramimator)

Omar said...

Thanks Rami! I totally don't mind.

Yeah your points are all pretty valid. The arm stiffness and the ups and downs were done conservatively on purpose. Although you still might be right.
I think I'll go back to this and see if it works better with your advice, thanks!