Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back To 2D

Here's a 2D piece i'm working on, needless to say I'm not doing an 11 second club for this month. The computer can really piss you off sometimes.
Either way it brought me back to doing some hand drawn stuff, this test is actually my first acting shot in 2D.

If you can't tell whats happening due to the light line quality or my failure to bring out the emotion of the character, I'll tell you.
A bored guy is sitting down, rolls his eyes, pauses, see's something, he now see's it's something he likes, in his joy he jumps up and out towards it.

This is my second pass (Click here for detail on process) and I've pretty much nailed down my timing.
I'm going to start cleaning it up and either put a more complex character in, or just animate it fully as the "glorified stick man".

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