Monday, March 3, 2014

Demo Reel Summer 2014

May as well post the new reel.

Getting new shots this year was a challenge. My summer was spent at Sony in Vancouver, and sadly I was unable to keep any of the test shots for my reel. In addition, second year at Sheridan throws you a significantly larger work load than last year, so it was tough to find time for my own work.

I'll probably be updating it within a month though as I'd like to get one or two more new shots in there.

But anyway, here she is.

Demo Reel Summer 2014 from Omar Elhindi on Vimeo.


Jermmgirl said...

wow this is so impressive! You are a fantastic animator!

Omar said...

Thank you!

Chris_echo said...

Omar, may I ask where you learnt 3d animation? I know from my experience that sheridan focuses on 2d and the reels of all the kids there are exclusively 2d (unles they take that extra year program after 4th year). Did you attend another program before Sheridan? :)

And, amazing work! But that was already obvious ;)

Anonymous said...
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Omar said...

Hey, Chris!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like my work.

And yeah I sort of self taught myself during highschool for about 2 years. After that I enrolled in iAnimate after being rejected from Sheridan out of highschool.

But the principles of animation remain the same regardless of medium.

Pierre Vanderweerd said...

Looking good Omar! Best of luck with it!

Omar said...

Thanks dude! Same to you for this summer.

Anonymous said...

Self taught? Wow! Your CGI is amazing! To me you professionally delivers the chracters' moods and emotions.