Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sheridan Portfolio 2012

So here is my 2012 portfolio. I'm fairly happy with it I think. I feel my expression sheet is probably the weakest piece. Even still, this portfolio is leagues better than last years. Thanks to Amanda and Matt and my cousin, Joe for all the help! :)

My next blog update will probably be regarding the state of my application, considering applicants are usually notified by the end of March. Crossing my fingers for the acceptance letter that eluded me last year :) 

Animation and Character Design

Life Drawing

Personal Art


Feel free to criticise my work, as usual :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, great portfolio here! What was your score for this?

Omar said...

Not so good! Haha. I got a 3.12. I got in by .06, so I was quite lucky!

Anonymous said...

. hey you got in though! :)
were any of these done digitally? the linearts for some look like they might've been..?

Omar said...

Haha getting in is all that matters, I suppose.
And none were done digitally. The mediums I used were pencils, col erase pencils, pen, and watercolor.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you by any chance still had your score sheet on you?

Omar said...

Sorry, I can't help ya there. I threw out that sheet a while ago.