Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Thinking of The Old Days

In light of my recent post showcasing some dreadful animation, I've been thinking about my progression over the years. That statement gives me chills, haha. I find it ridiculous that I've been trying (I say trying for a reason) to be an animator since I was 15! Hell that's 3 years of animation before I've even gone to college for it.

The crazy part is that I've improved drastically. I mean, my schooling has been books, blogs, trial and error, and iAnimate (the last one is much more substantial of course). But in my opinion it just shows that hard work gives you things that blindly going to school for won't.
Of course I say this in a much more reflective way than a self promoting way. I know I have so much left to learn, and I'm quite excited for it. Right now I'm under Ken Fountains tutelage in iA. I feel as though he really knows how to dig deep inside a character and understand the all important "why" behind the acting choices one has to make. Since his class started I've put so much more thought into my characters acting. Not just looking for "what looks cool" but instead searching for a believable, and relatable performance.

Anyway, I really don't know why I made this post. Probably because its late and I want an excuse to keep listening to some killer songs before crashing.

And so I don't just leave with a wall of text, here's a drawing that will probably be in my portfolio.

Good night my faithful readers. (I'm going to pretend I have faithful readers)

p.s. I was accepted into Art Fundamentals at Sheridan! So now my back up is set. AKA I'm off to Sheridan for sure this year :)

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