Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tangled Trailer

Here's the first real trailer for Disney's film Rapunzel. Excuse me, Tangled. I'm still a little bitter that they changed the name.
Although truthfully, this trailer suits the title 'Tangled' a lot more than 'Rapunzel'.

The trailer seems a bit Shrek-like to me, but then again Disney's trying to fix what apparently went wrong with TPATF. They blame the name and the audience it aimed at. Come on, look at The Little Mermaid! No one tried to market that with 'edge' and pop culture references. It was a hit!
Oh well.

Hopefully with Glen at the head of this it'll be something Disney can actually be proud of.

And come on, Pink? Really? That's the choice of song for a trailer to Disney's first CG MUSICAL?

One thing I do really like is the animation. I really feel a hand drawn vibe in the poses and timing. That and the look of the film.

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