Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Work In Progress - 11 Second Club

Here is my near final blocking of my 11 Second Club Entry,
(Blocking: Poses run together without computer inbetweens, so images "jump" from pose to pose)
For me, blocking is done when it "looks" splined.
(Spline: Basically the computer putting inbetweens inbetween your poses so you will have 24 frames of images a second)
At the moment I have the standing guy nearly finished, but i have nothing but the main poses for the guy sitting, I chose to work on him last because his emotions are all reactions.
So how can i have him react with out the actions he's reacting to.

*Note that lipsync is generally the last step in the animation process.

And blogger has crappy video quality.


Tarek Tabbara said...

It's pretty good but I don't I dont think it will place you in the top 100 because I was watching some of the "work in progress" ones on youtube and they looked amazing. Same sound file

Omar said...

Well here's hoping