Monday, June 22, 2009

School's Out!

Well grade 10 is finally complete.
now im gonna have 2 months of freedom, fantastic!

And on a side note Montreal was great, i learned a ton.

Aaaaand heres something amazing that was done by the talented animator Keith lango (
This is some inspirational stuff, really groundbreaking. He threw in 2's and even 3's into CG animation which is generally unheard of. I think im going to give that a try soon.

I cant mention enough how great this is


Justin Toth said...

Video was cool, and it's definitely great to have the summer off. My only question, as I'm completely ignorant to the world of animation (why not post some tutorials or at least explain the basic concepts for ignorant followers like my) is what do you mean by 2's and 3's?

Omar said...

haha oh ya,
well animation is run at 24 frames a second,
so most CG animation shows each frame for 1 exposure of those 24.
if it on twos then its shown for 2 exposures out of 24, giving it a little more snap.
its odd enough to evenput 2's in CG, ut he went as far as putting in 3's. (image held for 3 instead of 1)
get it now?